David Massey

September 18, 2017 at 8:06 pm

What happens when training goes interactive?

I am always delighted to work with the training arm of Confindustria SFC.

Check out what happened when we designed and ran a one-day presenting skills course for young entrepreneurs.

The day began with problem solving and how to deal with difficult neighbours. We explored typical presenting scenarios and discussed what makes an effective presentation.

With movie clips from The Dilemma and Thank You For Smoking, we discovered the value of preparation as well as the power of three; rhetorical questions; big data; history; narrative and a whole lot more.

How can you influence your audience and achieve a change in behaviour or secure a deal, or win over your employees?

How can you lead your presentation instead of following and what preparation do you need before you take the stage – because you cannot escape from the fact that it is a performance.

One day is not much to train you, but it can certainly help you understand your own strengths, your own style and make you curious to want to do better and find out more!

Thanks to Alessandra and Federico at SFC for inviting me and to all the participants for jumping right in to make the day great fun for trainer and students alike.



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