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Mum keeps going to funerals

Mum keeps going to funerals

I try to call home every week or 10 days to catch up on news. Both my Mum amd sister are really good at bringing you up to speed on many things that re going on. But so many funerals?

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It was @wshed in Bristol in 1986 that we fell in love with Betty Blue. Jean-Hugues Anglade's Zorg opening the fridge to cool off as he writes ... tequila, french cigarettes, Beatrice Dalle, style ...
#RIP Jean-Jacques Beineix

.@DurrellSociety this is over 600km from Corfu and more than 2000km from Cyprus, neither is it “some unexplored ocean” but it is the Mediterranean and has all the memories.

.@NetflixIT e @netflix - abbiamo iniziato a vedere Cambio Vita (#TheChangeUp) indicato da voi in Italia un "T" (film per tutti). Non era adatto per nostro figlio di 10 anni, e noto che @imdb rating indica R negli USA, 15 in UK e persino VM14 in Italia. Come mai per voi é un T?