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It’s tough for street traders but …

It’s tough for street traders but …

Anyone who takes a walk around famous monuments in a city like Rome is going to get approached by street traders. Here are the tactics they tried on me outside the Colosseum at the weekend.

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It was @wshed in Bristol in 1986 that we fell in love with Betty Blue. Jean-Hugues Anglade's Zorg opening the fridge to cool off as he writes ... tequila, french cigarettes, Beatrice Dalle, style ...
#RIP Jean-Jacques Beineix

.@DurrellSociety this is over 600km from Corfu and more than 2000km from Cyprus, neither is it “some unexplored ocean” but it is the Mediterranean and has all the memories.

.@NetflixIT e @netflix - abbiamo iniziato a vedere Cambio Vita (#TheChangeUp) indicato da voi in Italia un "T" (film per tutti). Non era adatto per nostro figlio di 10 anni, e noto che @imdb rating indica R negli USA, 15 in UK e persino VM14 in Italia. Come mai per voi é un T?