David Massey

February 13, 2021 at 10:01 am

Saturday mornings were made for sport

Saturday mornings were made for sport

I love bringing the kids to their Saturday morning activities. It was how I remember my weekends – music and sport, friendship and learning.

In the 80s I had orchestra in Bristol on a Saturday morning and then a dash to school to head off for rugby, cricket or whatever the season had in store. The weekend had structure and I would return home to Grandstand on the BBC and shepherds pie courtesy of Mum, who more often than not had been on the touchline all afternoon anyway!

With COVID having curtailed so many of the activities that keep us sane in our free time I welcome these little trips with the kids to tennis or basketball. Football is still off limits for amateurs and it looks like a whole season and a whole bunch of youth will have missed out on over a year of sport.

Teams, training, winning and losing are part of growing, part of life. There is a big hole in all of this at the moment.

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