David Massey

Cross Cultural Communication

Possibly the most amazing course I have ever taught.

My Pakistani students always said “marry your cousin” but how can cross-cultural teams work together when marriage isn’t an option?

For the last 12 years I have trained teams from over 80 nationalities and worked in a range of countries including China, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Kenya, UK and the US.

The introductory programme I designed following a project with ENI Corporate University explores how we develop our own cultural values and how we see the world (and concepts of good, right, normal, proper and correct) based on our own cultural lens. This then impacts on how we make decisions, how we collaborate and how we see something as apparently objective as time!

I have seen how cultural dimensions dictate our actions and how by uncovering the different layers of culture the most diverse of individuals can begin to understand and no longer merely “judge” their co-workers.

Projects include: ENI, Techint Group, Hilton Hotels, Vodafone and Ericsson.

Work within specialised agencies of the United Nations and with government officials and experts from all over the world ensures this topic is relevant every time I begin a negotiation, team-building or skills training.