David Massey

February 17, 2021 at 10:26 pm

It was time to get out

It was time to get out

Needed to make a video for work but we could not face another Zoom window so we hit the road and had a great time along the way.

After nearly a year of virtual meetings, for the upcoming World Food Safety Day (7 June) Mia Rowan and I put together a video concept that involved some live outdoor filming.

We had help at the start from two cameramen on different days but when we needed to reshoot a couple of clips the day before the broadcast due to a “wardrobe malfunction” we were alone. We needed to be quick and we needed to be able to immediately send our work back to the producer in the UK.

Solution one involved an iPhone and a gimbal when one of us filmed the other. Audio was via a radio mic into a pocket audio recorder. We were able to send the raw clips first by WhatsApp to check they were ok and then the full 4K files via Dropbox, all in the space of an hour.

Mia tells me how it should be done

The shots with both of us involved a tripod, a larger camera and then a lot of luck (and automatic settings).

What I learned from this day is that you need to have a go. If you have a solid script and know what you want to say then just get out there and do it – whatever the tools at your disposal; $30 or $3000.

The energy and the pressure we experienced, the fear of failure and the doubts that we couldn’t get it done on our own were always there. But with support a phone call away and the belief that we did actually know what we were doing – well judge for yourselves; the finished product can be seen below.

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