David Massey

May 17, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Intensive Presenting Skills Programme

Intensive Presenting Skills Programme

This course gives you the opportunity to evaluate yourself as a presenter, with instant video, peer and expert feedback.

We being with YOU: eye contact voice and body language.

We explore the use of repetition, rhetorical questions and the magic THREE with examples from former US presidents and a great clip from the Dilemma.

I like you but I don’t need you

This is the warning message from the course: your audience comes to the presentation to see you, NOT to watch you read off the screen. You need to lead and not follow some pre-cooked powerpoint package.

We look at the importance of preparation and the value of really grounding the opening of your presentation. Different opening gambits: from provocation to rhetorical questions; facts and figures, data and narrative or personal experience.

We teach you how to craft and deliver a technical section, handle questions, plot a storyboard and close effectively.

Above all, acknowledging that we cannot change you, we look at the tips and techniques that will work for you with your audience in your reality.

Here is a short montage from a recent programme run in the UN.


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