February 20, 2016 at 11:26 am

Cameron no Brexit


A very tired David Cameron faced the press last night in Brussels.

Watch this short extract of his press conference and then we’ll see how he performed.

How can we evaluate his short presentation? What do you do when the message is vital but you are worn out?

Opening statement of success: “This deal has delivered …”, also note the use of the first person here and throughout ” … the commitments I made …”.

Then with measured voice, clear, simple words and a particularly slow pace the big THREE:

  1. Britain will be out …
  2. There will be tough new restrictions …
  3. Britain will never join the euro

plus: “vital protections, a full say” etc

Then the justification and the benefits:

We’ll be in the parts of Europe that work for us. Influencing the decisions that effect us. In the driving seat of the world’s biggest market …

AND, we’ll be OUT of the parts of Europe that don’t work for us:

Another clear list with “out” the key word clearly repeated:

  1. Out of the open borders
  2. Out of the bailouts
  3. Out of the euro
  4. Out of those schemes in which Britain wants no part

So that is about 1 minute of delivery. What do you think?


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