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I studied English Literature and Music in the UK and have been a trainer, coach and consultant in Italy for over 20 years.

stoolAfter 10 years as a language trainer and coach in the corporate market, in 2002 I founded TLNet with my friend and colleague Anita Zani and also started working for UN agencies on soft skills programmes and technical writing courses. I have authored and delivered these courses now to people in over 20 countries across 4 continents.

I strongly believe that adult training programmes have to deliver real world benefits rapidly. Much of my work is about giving participants a serious opportunity to explore and practice their skills in a safe, laboratory environment. We all need time to develop new skills and too often in the workplace we rush ahead, following habit or corporate culture, without giving too much thought to how we plan to write a text, organise a meeting or talk persuasively to a potential client.

This year I have worked with Corporates in the IT, Publishing, Pharmaceutical and Public sectors and designed and delivered programmes and communications projects for the World Food Programme, Food and Agricultural Organisation and Training and Research Agencies of the United Nations in Italy, Hungary, Myanmar, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

When not working I am with my 3 kids and I enjoy classical music, The Cure, rugby and most things about my Italian life!

David Massey

David Massey

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